Tom Wynne-Jones

tomTom Wynne-Jones, Operations Sr. Project Manager, joined Wynne-Jones & Associates in 2006, after leaving a distinguished career in construction management. As the companies’ operation officer for planning, scheduling and general business operations, his key responsibilities also include leadership and strategic management for the company.

Tom’s experience includes over twenty years of driving profitable business growth and delivering insightful communication to management teams, and key client groups. Combined with his Bachelor of Industrial Management degree, he draws on extensive industry experience he gained from his previous role as Managing Superintendent of construction sites and assisting Project Management Teams. His education and experience have ensured that high-quality advices, and solutions, are delivered to the client.

Working in a managerial capacity for major construction companies in the Metro-Detroit area, Tom occupied a range of operational and client-facing roles resulting in a proven track record of delivering value to the clients and staff he has managed. His scope of experience has led to effective business plan strategies, continually managed and implemented at Wynne-Jones & Associates.

Tom and his wife, Katherine, have been partners in building their respective professional profiles while at the same time, building their family life in St. Clair and Oakland Counties, Michigan. With his success and achievements throughout his career, Tom matches his abilities to build customer loyalty and value with Wynne-Jones & Associates.